Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Breaking the fast

I never used to eat breakfast. But last year something dropped, like a penny or something. That throughout the day My body wasn’t getting anything, just water and coffee. So all day my body was still in starvation mode, until I ate a small meal in the evening. Then I’d go to bed. So I figured all day my body wasn’t burning anything and then I was eating (fuelling my body) before I went to bed… which is a bit odd when I look at it that. So I started eating in a morning which is something totally against anything I have ever done. I have never eaten in a morning, the thought of food before lunch time genuinely turns my stomach and makes me feel uncomfortable.
I started by eating 20g of All Bran (I had been struggling to go for a number 2 with all of the restriction I’d been doing) so that helped to get me functioning normally again. Then around 2pm I’d eat an apple to stop me binging when I got home.
More recently I have been having Overnight Oats in a morning, I use 20g wholegrain quaker oats. 2 tbsp fat free greek yoghurt, a splash of milk, and some frozen fresh fruit.  I add a few nuts in there for protein and healthy fats… it comes in all in all at 201cal and it keeps me full for a long time. No hunger pangs = less binging for me.
I’m trying to avoid bread and planned meals where possible.
I will see how long I can go binge free for…

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