Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sorry I have been away!!!

I have been away for a week or so, so apologies for not updating. I found it really hard to stay motivated while I was away because of the amount of time I was spending on my own. I was away for the best part of two weeks on a residential training course. I gained around 4lbs in that time, which is the worst part about my time away, having to eat out every night or buy convenience food. Ick.

Anyway, I am back on track and attempting to get back to 272. Im hoping I can be there by Sunday.

I am still loving my job and the people I work with, minus a few trouble causers, but that can’t be helped. You get trouble causers everywhere.

I have been looking at prices for Gym memberships as I am looking forward to getting back at the gym. I am also going to dedicate half an hour a night to sit ups/press ups, squats and lunges (with a kettlebell), see if I can change my shape and conditioning a bit in the mean time. I have been taking progress pics, but I am still to ashamed to share them.

This morning I weighed in at 274.4lbs, my next GW is 260… I hope to make I there early in the new year if not sooner.  I am also taking a bit of extra time to look after myself, do my nails and my hair. My anxiety is well managed at the moment so although I am having the odd blip I am doing good! I am struggling a bit with my relationship. Feeling very underappreciated. We keep arguing about silly things, well its not so much an argument as me getting blamed for stuff. I have got the point where I am beginning to lose faith now. This time last year I’d have just taken the verbal battering, but now I know I don’t deserve it so I am sticking up for myself. It is still very painful. But I wouldn’t take that kind of shit off anyone else. So yeah. I am thinking more about ME now. Which is something I have never done before.

Updates as always will be as and when I get chance. If you know any good workouts for core strength let me know, as I am trying to tone my flubber at the moment.