Thursday, 15 June 2017

Binge/Cry repeat...

I binged last night, I was almost set to finish the day on <1000cal and then I go ahead and binge on 8 fucking shortcake biscuits that I bought last week. I don't even know why I do it. Its like I set myself up to sabotage myself.

Shopping when hungry is a curse!!!

Yesterday I had

B - Coffee w/skimmed milk and a sweetner - 10 cal
L - Mash Pot - 150cal. Chicken Katsu Bites (I should not have bought these!!!) 350cal
D - Chicken Burrito 350cal
S - Apple 80cal, 8 Shortie Biscuits (382 cal)

I have gained 1.6lbs since yesterday - the only difference was that I didn't get chance to make a BM before I went to work this morning. Sooo I am hoping for a loss tomorrow.

CW: 270.2lbs (gain of 1.6lbs)

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